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How Long Do Collard Greens Last in the Refrigerator?

How Long Do Collard Greens Last in the Refrigerator?: Discover Shelf Life:

Fact: Collard greens are not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. They belong to the same family as broccoli and cabbage, making them a fantastic source of vitamins and antioxidants for a healthy diet.

How long do collard greens last in the refrigerator? Knowing this can help you a great deal in being able to maintain and freshness of the ingredient and use them in the future. To start with, these are the Greens of many preparations and recipes, most often overlooked and ignored. But they beautify the dish’s overall presentation and help add to its appeal. While these are delicious, nevertheless, storing them requires a good deal of skills and proper know-how. In this article, we will look closer into the ‘inner beauty’ of these Greens and how to best store them.

How Long Do Collard Greens Last in the Refrigerator?

Understanding Collard Greens

 These are nutritious, leafy, and usually grow extremely well during the Spring and fall. Being high in Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these make the perfect salad component and also a side dish to most main-course meals. The collard greens belong to the Brassica oleracea, with the members like cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli included in them. 

One often calls them the perfect ‘Soul food’ and is a part of many Southern preparations. However, the growing awareness of this dish has made it a favorite all over the Country. One can easily find a gorgeous bowl of Greens placed at the center of the dining table, often stealing the show. One of the main reasons for their growing popularity is that these are ‘frost tolerant’ and can be easily grown in most Northern states. You will be surprised to know that the Collard Greens trace their origins to Africa, despite their growing popularity in the US. 

How to Select Fresh Collard Greens?

Can You Leave Cooked Collard Greens Out Overnight? More on that, but first, let us find out how to select the perfect bunch of greens. Being available throughout the year, you will have no problems spotting these in your closest ‘farmer’s market’ or the Supermarket. These are usually placed next to the kale, bok choy, or Swiss chard. When selecting the perfect Collard Greens, you need to spot the Dark Green leaves and avoid the Yellowish ones. Also, watch out for Brown, spotted, wilted, or slimy leaves. Also available are some of the best canned and frozen options, which are just as good in nutrition and quality. When selecting for storage, it is advised to opt for the freshest and the crispiest options, as they stay the longest when stored in the fridge. 

Can You Freeze Collard Greens?

Can you freeze collard greens? Yes, and how to do that the right way? Let us find out more. 

  • Start by washing the Greens properly.
  • Now, cut off the woody stems. 
  • Next, blanch your collard greens with about a gallon of water for three to four minutes per pound, blanching only one pound at a time.
  • One can use the same water to blanch every batch of the greens, but you need to ensure the water is bought to the rolling boiling before adding the next batch. 
  • Now you need to cool the greens with ice-cold water. 
  • Next, drain the water and pat the leaves dry. 
  • Pack the greens in airtight plastic freezer bags, and make sure to remove as much air as possible when doing this. 
  • It is also a good idea to label and tag your packets accordingly. 
  • Another important tip is to leave a half-inch space for the expansion, if any, to happen. 
  • This way, when stored well, the Collard Greens can last for up to one year. 
  • For better food safety, be sure to clean your hands and surfaces before and after handling food. Also, keep the refrigerator temperature at or below 40°F (4° C). The freezer temperature should be 0°F (-18° C).

How Long Do Collard Greens Last in the Fridge?

Can you freeze cooked collard greens? Yes, and these can also be stored just as well in the fridge. For this, it is advised to place them in an airtight plastic bag or storage bag and make sure that you make holes on both sides of the bag. When placing them in the refrigerator, you need to put them in the appliance’s Crisper or vegetable drawer. The other good tip is to make sure that you wrap them in a paper towel or Aluminum foil and store them in the refrigerator. This way, you can easily store the Collard Greens for 3-5 days. 

Can You Leave Cooked Collard Greens Out Overnight?

To be precise, cooked Collard Greens can last on the counter for about 6 hours. After this time, the bacteria start to grow on the leaves, and this eventually leads to its spoilage. However, if you have cut the Collard Greens but not cooked yet, you can store them submerged in a glass of water and place them on the countertop.

Shelf Life of Collard Greens

Can you soak collard greens overnight? Yes, these can be soaked to preserve overnight. However, it is not advised to do so. Most times, the Collard Greens can be stored at room temperature, either cooked or freshly cut, for six hours. After this, you need to throw them away or consume them within this time.


Room Temperature



Raw Collard Greens

6 Hours

4-5 Days

10-12 months

Cooked Collard Greens

6 Hours

5 Days

3 Days

    • The texture turns soft and wilt when you touch them. 
    • The leaves are slimy.
    • The leaves give off an offensive odor.

When any of these occurs, it is time to throw them off, as consuming them can also lead to stomach aches, Allergy, and other foodborne illnesses. 

Tips for Reducing Food Waste

Sometimes you get too excited and end up purchasing too many Collard Greens. In this case, what do you do with the leftovers? Well, here are some tips:

    • Use the leaves as wraps or rolls as a perfect vegan alternative for vegan, Gluten-free options.
    • Chop them up and use them generously as garnish and seasoning for various Stir-fry and meaty dishes. 
    • These work great with Cheese, so the next time you prepare a nice little Cheese sandwich, you can add a bunch of freshly chopped Collard greens and use them along with the Cheese fillings. 
    • The Pizza Toppings will never be the same once you have tried freshly-cut Collard Greens and sprinkled them over the pie. 
    • Infusing a good amount of Collard Greens into your soups and stews is yet another great method to add character to your dish.

What to Do With the Collard Greens Waste?

Much like with the other Green-waste, you can always create a nice countertop Compost storage. This is simple where you store all the fruits and vegetable peels, waste, and other such scraps in a store-bought compost container. These comprise of odor-filters to prevent the waste from turning too smelly while allowing the poisonous gases to escape. Once the compost is ready, use it as a source of nutrition for your garden and greens.

How Long Do Collard Greens Last in the Refrigerator?: Conclusion

Collard Greens are one of the best options when it comes to quick and delicious salad and side-dish options. The best part is that these are available throughout the year and are also available in various markets. You can either buy fresh or canned versions. However, the storage method makes all the difference in how you can use them in the future. Proper handling and storage play a vital role in ensuring that the Collard Greens remain fresh and edible for your future recipe requirements. Have any other interesting tips we might have left out? Do share with us below; we would love to hear from you.

How Long Do Collard Greens Last in the Refrigerator?: FAQ's

Question 1. How long can I store fresh collard greens in the refrigerator?

Answer: You can store the product in the refrigerator for 4-5 days. 

Question 2. How do freeze-cooked collard greens for the best results?

Answer: It is best to pat dry and store the Greens in an airtight container or freezer bag in the freezer. It is best to make small batches and store them. 

Question 3. Can you safely leave cooked collard greens out overnight?

Answer: No, Not at all!

Question 4. Is it advisable to soak collard greens overnight for preparation?

Answer: Yes, for the lack of a better storage option, one can soak the greens overnight.

Question 5. Can I freeze collard greens for extended storage?

Answer:  Yes.

Question 6. What are the best practices for blanching and freezing collard greens?

Answer: The best ways are to Water blanch collard greens for about 3 minutes now, Cool promptly, drain, and package, leaving ½ inch of headspace. You can Seal and freeze in amounts typically used in your favorite recipe.

Question 7. Can I store cooked collard greens in the refrigerator?

Answer: Yes, you can. 

Question 8. What are the signs of spoilage I should look for in collard greens?

Answer: Wilty texture, offensive odor, and slimy texture.

Question 9. Can I store collard greens without washing them first?

Answer: No, you cannot.

Question 10. Are there any alternative methods for preserving collard greens?

Answer: Submerging them in a tall glass of water overnight on the countertop is one of the best alternative ways to preserve the collard greens.

Question 11. How long can you eat leftover greens?

Answer: It depends on how you have stored the greens.

Question 12. How do you tenderize tough collard greens?

Answer: The best and simplest way is to slow-cook them in spices until they grow tender.

Question 13. Can collard greens be canned?

Answer: Yes, the canned variety is available and is just as good.