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How Many Moonshine Cherries to Get Drunk?

How Many Moonshine Cherries to Get Drunk?: A Sweet Guide to Tipsy Delights

Fun Fact: Moonshine cherries were historically created as a way to preserve cherries for enjoyment during the off-season, while also adding a kick of alcohol to the fruit. This method of preserving fruit in alcohol dates back to early American traditions.

How many moonshine cherries to get drunk? Want to get boozy on simple ‘pops’? Well, we are soon going to find out exactly how. But first, let us find out what Moonshine Cherries are all about. Essentially, these are actual, natural Cherries that have been soaked in Bourbon or ‘Moonshine.’ Sounds quite ecstatic and a perfect way to get ‘tipsy’ in a fun way. These are also known as the Bourbon cherries or the Moonshine-soaked Cherries and are simply delicious. So, let us get back to the question of how many Moonshine Cherries should pop in to get happily drunk. Let us find out.

Understanding Moonshine Cherries

As mentioned previously, the Moonshine Cherries are so-called, as these are soaked in Bourbon and left to ‘get high,’ as we can put it. The making process of the liquor pop is rather simple. You simply have to immerse some nice, fresh Cherries in any Alcohol you choose. To this, you also need to add Sugar and other flavorings and leave for a certain period. This allows for nicely infused Cherries with flavors and slightly Alcoholic to be formed. The Alcohol content in Moonshine Cherry has an ABV of 50%.

The Factors Affecting Intoxication

Eating Moonshine Cherry has grown to be one of the latest ‘Tik Tok trends. There have been innumerable videos and shorts showing people trying 50% of pure Alcohol. These are fun to watch where people are seen squirming when trying to gulp down these tiny bombs of Alcohol. There are also instances where the people are seen ‘gagging’ onto the liquor when trying to hold it down.
These tiny poppers are an explosion of Sweet and heat, where the Alcoholic juices can later be used to mix in with the cocktails as well. But, on a more serious note, how many Moonshine Cherries you can gulp depends upon your tolerance, weight, and the kind of ‘high’ you desire.
But specifically speaking, a lightweight drinker can easily feel boozy after 8 Cherries in an hour. If you want to get drunk, you can do so after 20 Cherries in an hour. However, bear in mind that the results greatly depend upon the quality of the Moonshine Cherries and the metabolism of the person eating them.

Myth vs. Reality: How Many Moonshine Cherries to Get Drunk?

How Many Moonshine Cherries to Get Drunk?

The number of moonshine cherries needed to get drunk can vary significantly based on several factors, such as the individual’s tolerance to alcohol, the alcohol content of the moonshine, and the number of cherries consumed.

Moonshine cherries are typically made by soaking cherries in high-proof alcohol, which can lead to a significant concentration of alcohol in each cherry. Eating just a few cherries may already contain a substantial amount of alcohol.

“A rough guide is that a light drinker feels intoxication after about 8 cherries in an hour and is drunk after 20 cherries in an hour.”

Now that we have a bit of an idea about the Moonshine Cherries let us look at how safe these are to consume.
To start with, no matter how cute they look or sound, these are ‘harsh’ in taste. Be ready for some real ‘raw Alcohol rubbing’ like taste to engulf your mouth when you pop in the cherries. Hence it is advisable to ‘never’ take in a spoonful, even if it is not your first time. Instead, go steady, slow with a single pop at a time. Next, the Moonshine is a somewhat misleading term, as it sounds like something dreamy and fantasy-like; spoiler-alert as the Moonshine Cherry tastes Astringent and harsh.
For most, this might sound like an adventure, where you challenge your taste buds to ‘livening’ them up forever! Sounds fun, too, if you are up for some great memories for times to come by. There are also chances that you can get drunk on Moonshine Cherries, as these are just as good as gulping-in Shots. Keep the intake in moderation; you can easily get drunk on the product’s liquid. Most might agree that these tend to get more potent than other Alcohol-based drinks. Reusing them as a Garnish or an addition to a cocktail, dessert, or even a snack is best.
For the best experience, you must ensure you consume much water when consuming the Moonshine Cherries. Also, to ensure you do not get drunk, take time between the servings so that you do not go overboard. Once again, the levels of intoxication can differ from person to person, and do not go by what your friends might have to say about the Moonshine Cherries, as they have different tolerance levels.
Most experts recommend having the Moonshine Cherries with ice or chill, making the experience all the more thrilling. Taste-wise, it is the closest to the Vodka, or even better.

The Appeal of Moonshine Cherries Beyond Intoxication

While most might associate the Moonshine Cherries to be an ‘Alcoholic indulgence’ or an adventure, or even a dare, nevertheless don’t forget that this is a fine liquor that can be enjoyed in various manners in combination with other drinks and foods. 

The Food Pairing: Moonshine Cherries go great with traditional Southern Spicy foods like BBQ Pulled Pork and Cornbread. This is mainly because the liquor cuts through the smoky BBQ food with a delicious smoothness. 

The Drinks: As mentioned earlier, the Moonshine Cherry is the closest to the Vodka and hence can be substituted with the drink. Use the product to prepare a cocktail of your choice, to offer it an all-American ‘kick.’ For example, when blending in American Mule, swap some Moonshine for the Vodka, and you can thank me later. 

Most regulars enjoy a great deal of Moonshine Cherry with almost all sorts of food items. Be it Meat-ribs, Burgers, Sweet Desserts, Fries, Cheese toast, Steak, or Seafood; you name it. Whatever might be your indulgence, be sure to load up lots of water while you are at it and pop in an Aspirin before you hit the sack. 

How Many Moonshine Cherries Does It Take to Get Drunk?: Conclusion

Moonshine Cherries are simple yet quite an adventure if you wish to indulge in an experience. As for the regulars, these can be used in cocktails of your choice or clubbed together with your favorite food item. The jar can be kept for quite some time, almost a year, when not opened. After opening a jar, be sure to consume it within 3-6 months.
Also, responsible drinking is essential, as you can easily get drunk if you pop in too many. If you end up with Cherries too many, be sure to have someone else behind the wheel. Finally, know your cherries well enough. The Alcohol content, the kind of intake you can tolerate, or how you would like to club them together.

How Many Moonshine Cherries to Get Drunk?: FAQ's

Question 1. Are Moonshine Cherries Safe to Consume?

Answer: Yes, these are safe to consume within ‘safety limits.’ As you know, the ABV is 50% in Moonshine; hence you need to ensure you know your intoxication levels. 

Question 2. Can Eating Too Many Moonshine Cherries Lead to Alcohol Poisoning?

Answer: Yes, as is the case with most Alcoholic drinks. 

Question 3. How Does the Alcohol Content in Moonshine Cherries Compare to Other Alcoholic Beverages?

Answer: Based on the Alcoholic content, the Moonshine Cherry is stronger as compared to Vodka. It is 50% 100 proof.

Question 4. Do Moonshine Cherries Taste Like Regular Cherries?

Answer: These taste like Sweet little bombs.

Question 5. Can Moonshine Cherries Lead to a Hangover?

Answer: Yes, if you have consumed a little too much.

Question 6. Are Moonshine Cherries Legal?

Answer: Without a license, it is illegal.